photo C71D41B2-7CB0-4C76-B8E7-7C7086309658_zps0o7s4rhy.jpg BlackQueerMagic represents the creative and spiritual journey of Vanessa B. Miller, a Black, Queer, Jamaican woman.Vanessa is a self taught jewelry designer, lapidarist, gemologist, and metal smith who merges community activism with her love for jewelry design. Vanessa creates handmade healing crystal and metal stamped pieces with a focus on Black Queer and Trans liberation. Through her online platform BlackQueerMagic she does outreach, donates, and engages with community members from across the world. Vanessa firmly believes that with the current political climate its important to center the most marginalized folks in our communities and that we must also be intentional and radical in our self care. Its important now more than ever to continue being Black, brilliant, resilient ,queer, and magical. Photo by Rae Landingin